grasscutter farming in nigeria

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grasscutter farming in nigeria

i started out grasscutter farming in nigeria earlier than i used to be a boy of 15. today i run my company in lagos and operate in one-of-a-kind states of nigeria.ensure you examine each word of this submit and come returned to download my 2 unfastened business books right here

ever thought of grasscutter farming in nigeria and the opportunities of earning profits from it?

this article involves every element on how to start grasscutter farming enterprise in nigeria and make top profits from it.

so if you do no longer recognize about grasscutter enterprise, you’re welcome to examine and enlighten yourself.

a number of the those who are reading this article proper now will be thinking what the heck i’m talking about? grasscutter!?

those creatures that appears greater like a big rat?

well, yes! as a minimum you have got a slightest concept of what i am speakme approximately, the most effective thing is that, i won’t want to call it a “huge rat” such as you might be thinking or calling it, alternatively it will likely be better and learned if you call it “grasscutters (thryonomys swinderianus)”.

at the least those will erase the idea which you are selling a “large rat” on your clients.

and furthermore, in case you recognize how lots you will be making from rearing grasscutter, then you take a look at each grasscutter you notice with a treasured eye.

after i’ve spent over a decade within grasscutter farming in nigeria, i found 13 secrets which faculty did not teach you approximately the way to be rich

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a touch advent on grasscutter farming

grasscutters (thryonomys swinderianus) are rodents broadly discovered in grasslands, small or huge farmland, clearings, moist or marshy regions in africa.

they’re more typically known as “hedgehogs” in significant africa, “agouti” in french-talking west africa, and “cane rats” in english-speaking west africa.

in nigeria it’s far from time to time been referred to as “bush meat”.

and the substantial distinction between true grasscutters and a rat is the spiny fur at the back and rounded nostril that may without problems distinguish it from other domestic rats.

how earnings is grasscutter farming  in nigeria?
the village hunters and farmers who typically put traps in their farmland to catch one or two grasscutter realize their very worth that’s why they persisted doing it.

a wholesome matured grasscutter which weight approximately four-4.5kg for male body weight and a frame weight of 3-3.5kg for woman may be offered for #2,500-#3,000 or greater (2017 estimate)

multiply this to the variety of grasscutter you have and notice how a lot you’ll be earning in a 12 months.

even, depending in your locality, you may promote higher than my estimated rate if the market price of your place is high.

i am hoping now you understand my point when I stated that; grasscutter farming commercial enterprise in nigeria is a great source of profits.

who can begin a grasscutter farming in nigeria?
some humans do assume that whoever is seen rearing or promoting grasscutter is a nearby hunter or farming.

well, this is in no manner true.

rearing grasscutter or grasscutter farming  in nigeria is equal component as rearing hen, rearing goat or cattle.

so you don’t ought to be a hunter or a farmer or actually have a diploma in agriculture to enter into this business.

everybody this is determined to make it in agriculture in nigeria can begin it up, furnished that he/she follows the proper managements and steps which i will be writing down in this newsletter.

nutritional values of grasscutter
earlier than we jump into how to set up a grasscutter farming in nigeria, permit’s sluggish down and talk about its dietary values.

at least it will likely be sensible to recognize what to tell your clients whilst promoting grasscutter to them.

grasscutter that’s a source of meat has high protein which is simply accurate for the frame.
not like purple meats that have excessive ldl cholesterol, grasscutter meat has white meats so if you are seeking out a very good meat which is not a red meat here is an alternative for you.
over all, nutrient acquired from animal merchandise has excessive percent of vitamin a, nutrition b, riboflavin, magnesium, iron, niacin and so on not like in plants merchandise.
having mentioned that, shall we fast bounce to our primary subject matter; a way to begin a grasscutter business in nigeria

after i have spent over a decade within the business world, i found thirteen secrets and techniques which faculty did now not train you about a way to be rich

due to the fact i want you to end up a successful entrepreneur like me, i will screen the 13 secrets and techniques to you. click here to down load it free of charge.


a way to start a grasscutter business in nigeriagrasscutter farming in nigeria
1) make a business plan to your grasscutter farming business in nigeria
as each enterprise has a plan, so ought to your grasscutter farming in nigeria. you ought to set up a marketing strategy to be able to include and record all your numbers of bought grasscutter, quantity to be spent on housing centers, feeding and other control care.

2) set up your grasscutter housing centers
the area of your grasscutter enterprise ought to be critically sorted for a success grasscutter rearing.

this vicinity have to be effortlessly accessible, in a flood-unfastened quarter, it must also be noise-loose, nicely aired and ventilated, with feed and a water supply, as well as being comfortable.

additionally recognize that the size of the building will rely on the range of grasscutters which are been saved in it.

you have to additionally understand that grasscutters do not sleep wherein they use to feed. so make provision for that, if possible constantly easy the pen every day.

grasscutters can be flawlessly reared in pens.

you could use same pen for the same motive like rearing of adults, mating, and additionally a pen for giving delivery and feeding the young ones however it’s far fairly recommended to apply a one-of-a-kind pens for exceptional cause.

there are special types of pens, the open pen and closed pen.

the pen or cage may be within the dimension of approximately 180cm-190cm in duration, 60cm-70cm in width and 45cm-50cm in top.

in case you are truly not sure of a way to assemble the pen or cage, you may get in contact with a builder who is aware of precisely the way to do it.

for feeding and consuming trough; that is precisely in which the grasscutter may be ingesting and consuming.

like i previously wrote; that grasscutter don’t like to sleep in in which they consume and that you must usually easy the pen or cage.

if you have a feeding and drinking trough; you won’t need to always clean the entire pen each day, as an alternative, your grasscutter will ought to enter into the trough to devour and feed, then pop out to the pen to sleep.

this is the precise usefulness of the feeding and drinking trough.

3) pick the right grasscutter for breeding;
after your pen or cage is ready, the following step to take is to select the breed for your grasscutter.

in case you need your grasscutter farming business in nigeria to achieve success, you then ought to not pick the grasscutters randomly.

as an alternative, pick your grasscutter with the aid of weight. the ladies must all have around the same size of weight and you should additionally keep away from weight variations of greater than 500g. and the male grasscutter should be zero.5 to at least one kg heavier than the females.

the male may be diagnosed with the aid of his wrinkled, brown genitals, while the lady can be identified through the closeness of the anus to the genital region and additionally for young grasscutter, the male also can be identified by means of the gap among the genitals and the anus, which is two times as larger than that of the younger female.

four) feeding the grasscutters;
if you want a wholesome grasscutter for you to convey you an awful lot earnings in your grasscutter farming enterprise in nigeria, you then ought to feed the grasscutter nicely.

the grasscutter meals complement have to meet all the animal’s every day requirements, even though their diets generally is composed particularly of inexperienced forage; and may be supplemented by feed with high electricity fee, or introduced protein and minerals.

recognize that, insufficient forage can cause digestive troubles.

grasscutters can devour clean or dried bread, corn or sorghum bran, groundnut, palm kernel cakes, wheat bran, brewers dried grain, broken rice at wheat grains cassava, potato, yam or taro pellets, peels and scraps from cassava or other tubers corn, sorghum, millet, rice .

and might devour shells like powdered oyster, snail or egg shells, bone meal and cooking salt.

grasscutters also can eat veggies like ripe or unripe fruit, cores from the crowns of palm, coconut or pineapple bushes or banana vegetation, the bark of sure timber, inexperienced papaya, the trunk of the papaya, bamboo shoots, leaves and tops from pineapples.

for water provision; there should be a consistent provision of water continually for the grasscutter.

on occasion you would possibly want to offer them water before feeding them to normalize their fitness.

5) grasscutter boom;
like i wrote earlier than, a healthy matured grasscutter which weight about four-four.5kg for male body weight and a frame weight of three-three.5kg for woman may be equipped on the market but you gained’t need to promote them off like that while not having them reproduce for you; it’ll be a wasting of cash if you will ought to move back and buy another young ones.

so allow them to breed for additional offspring.

6) grasscutter breeding and replica;
for a a hit breed, you may get 1-2 male grasscutter for 10-15 lady grasscutters and the male’s presence can trigger the girl grasscutter ovulation.

grasscutter sexual maturity: that is whilst the grasscutter is prepared for replica and breeding. for the male it may be from eight months (32 weeks) at a lowest body weight of 2.five kg. and for the woman: 6.five months (26 weeks) at a lowest body weight of one.8 kg.

grasscutter gestation length; this is the time period the animals develops within the mother’s body until it’s miles born. after mating, ensure that the lady grasscutter is pregnant. you can check this by means of the use of a touch cotton buds or white cloth to smooth the girl grasscutter genitals; if it’s miles reddish brown, then it’s pregnant , if it’s not, then it’s now not pregnant. commonly, the gestation period takes up to five month about.

the feasible quantity of litters consistent with year; litters are the sets offspring at one birth of an animal. grasscutter in a year can supply start to two set of litters and each litters will encompass 3-4 young grasscutters.

you ought to realize that young grasscutters, even if very small, already resemble absolutely grown person grasscutter. they are able to pass around without difficulty within some hours after shipping. make certain you offer their mother with sufficient supplementary meals and also enough water in order to useful resource in breast milking.

grasscutter weaning or suckling duration; this is the act of breast feeding the young grasscutter. the regular period for weaning the young grasscutter need to now not be extra than 40 days after start; if prolonged, the mother grasscutter will start to experience susceptible. for the duration of or after the weaning, the infant grasscutters must then be installed a separate pen or cage according to weights and sex.

know that grasscutter’s pen must now not be over crowded. a pen of younger grasscutter must include at the least 10-15 grasscutters; bear in mind in step with weights and intercourse.

7) promoting your grasscutter;
after your grasscutter has matured to a everyday weight, then you can sell them in step with your marketplace fee. always don’t forget to hold some for breeding with a purpose to aid in non-stop duplicate. this is how could be a hit in your grasscutter farming in nigeria.

other health managements care and issues that might arise for your grasscutter farming enterprise in nigeria.

allow’s fast study the other possible care and some troubles which would possibly occur while rearing grasscutter.

pest and sicknesses that might affect your grasscutters
you need to always inspect your grasscutter always for any signs and symptoms of sickness like social withdrawal, refusing to consume, coughing, tender or watery feces, any inflammation of the frame component, dull looking etc.
continually provide them nutrients on the way to improve them and enhance their immune gadget. a mixture of sugar and lemon may be jumbled together their water if you noticed any symptoms of weak point or once they go through pressure. the combination of sugar and lemon must be approximately 50 sugar lumps and huge glasses of pure lemon juice added to 20-25 liters of water.
constantly smooth the pen or cage with bleach, detergent to disinfect it and make it clean.
always wash the feeding and consuming trough at least as soon as every week to keep away from the spreading of germs.
any dead grasscutter need to be disposed off immediately.
separate the unwell grasscutters from the wholesome ones for close tracking.
once in a while, you may want to administer a few antibiotics to the grasscutter
if feasible, require the help of a veterinarian for assistant.
prevent the entrance of snake, rats or hawks which may be a predator to the increase of your grasscutter farming in nigeria
on managing the grasscutter- for younger or mild animal; it’s miles lifted via the tail by means of preserving at the bottom of the tail, then lightly take hold of its back with the alternative hand. for a medium-sized animal; though it is able to be grabbed with the aid of the tail however it’s far exceptional to grab it at the returned with the alternative hand in order that there isn’t always an excessive amount of weight at the tail. for heavy animal; it must be treated by way of the squeeze cage.
sufficient ventilation and ordinary temperature ought to be available within the room.
always make sure to maintain a file of each quantity of grasscutter both useless or alive, the quantity of food fed on, the quantity of medicine fed on. this may aid in recording your benefit or earnings.
after going thru this newsletter, you’ll see that grasscutter farming in nigeria is the form of agricultural commercial enterprise that one might also don’t forget for optimum income.

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